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The third step

Much like the change story, change managers must ensure that both managers and employees are well-informed about the current changes. The Knowledge component of the ADKAR model however strives to be more than informing. 

Employees must know specifically which competences and what behavior is necessary for a succesful change. Together with your sponsors, you as change manager, must ensure that there's an organizational engagement as well as formal programs to support this step. 

From formal training sessions in the advanced IT systems, coaching and sparring with managers on how to handle cultural changes, access to manuals, guidelines to a hotline employees can call. The options are many. 

One recognized method of establishing an environment, which fosters knowledge is the 70:20:10 Model for Learning and Development. 


The 70:20:10 is a model, which provides a structure of how people most effectively learn. Consider going for a 6-hour seminar - how much of the colossal amount of information you receive in that time span. How much do you immediately forget? 

The model suggests that learning is inherently: 

  • 70% from challenging assignments
  • 20% from developmental relationships
  • 10% from coursework and training

To reap the benefits of effective learning, you as a change manager will need to begin to facilitate informal learning environments rather than managing formal training sessions. Watch as Charles Jennings explain in the video.